The computer is the mirror image of the self. Our chromosomal foundations of Xs and Ys correspond to the computer’s binaries of 0s and 1s. The computer ‘sleeps’ and ‘breathes’, and its programs can be ‘aborted’. The machine is equally susceptible to viruses and other ‘digital diseases’, and eventually, dies through failure. The machine reflects our own programmed society; bound by governmental laws and spiritual beliefs, constructs of gender and binary thinking (e.g. yes/no, good/bad, he/her), historical inaccuracies posing as truth and ‘reality’ television. These façades are almost always exploited by philosophical and Capitalist doctrines to gain power and control.

The screen is a matrix to an abundance of intelligence and holds potential for subversions of authority. By breaking down societal rules via glitch-based and deep learning techniques within a hacktivist ideology, I celebrate these potentials for error in the hopes to disrupt various forms of control. All software used to create each work is sourced from either open source software or has been ethically pirated. Each work presented rebukes the notion of ‘Copyright’ and performs within the Copyleft movement; encouraging those who stumble upon each work to copy, duplicate, remix and distribute any or all part of the work.
Jessica Evans (b. 1995, UK).


2018  Fine Art (BFA) – The Ruskin School of Art, the University of Oxford,  Oxford, UK

2015   Foundation Diploma in Art and Design – Arts University Bournemouth, Poole, UK

Group Exhibitions:

2021 - 2021 The Terminal: Human Shaped Whole, curated by Offsite Project and directed by Jason Isolini, Anonymous Gallery, NYC, USA.

2019 - 2020 The Wrong Epicentre, The Wrong Biennale, Centre Del Carme, Valencia, Spain and Online (OpenWRT)

2018  RUSKIN SHORTS, Modern Art Oxford, UK

2018 Ruskin Degree Show, The Ruskin School of Art, The University of Oxford, UK

2018  Ladies and Gentlemen, TESTT Space, Durham, UK

2017 - 2018  ϟℙ∀ℳℳ▁ℙϴШ€ℜ Pavilion, The Wrong Biennale

2017 - 2018 ϟℙ∀ℳℳ▁ℙϴШ€ℜ,

2016  Ruskin Preliminaries, The Ruskin School of Art, The University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 - 2018 That Perfect Moment, Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford, UK

2017  That Perfect Moment, The Dolphin Gallery, St. John's College, Oxford, UK


2019  The Wrong Epicentre, The Wrong Biennale,

2017  EXON, Autumn Issue 20, pp. 50,

2017  EXON, Autumn Issue 19, p. 12-13,

2016   Artlyst, "Ruskin Preliminaries",


2018  Egerton Coghill Landscape Prize (Highly Commended), The Ruskin School of Art, The University of Oxford, UK

2016 - 2017 Waugh Scholarship, Exeter College, The University of Oxford, UK

2016  Fitzgerald Prize, Exeter College, The University of Oxford, UK

2014  Royal Academy Online Exhibition (Shortlisted), UK